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Meet Shelice

Creating Healthy Birth Beginnings

- Meet Shelice- 

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Knowing the background of your Doula always helps! I currently have over 18 years
of healthcare experience under my belt. During these years it helped me to realize my gift and
calling was helping others. After being present for numerous friends during their pregnancies and
births, my thoughts of taking a different route in healthcare began. In 2018 I started looking into
becoming a Doula, and researching possible classes. 2 years later I got my sign of being on the
right path, by finding and signing up for Doula training.
October 2020 my journey to becoming your Certified Holistic Doula began!
Below you will also find a few other Certifications I have.
Not only will the over 10 years of experience assure you of my ability to provide exceptional
care for you and baby, but also being a…
● Community Breastfeeding Educator
● Placenta-Encapsulation and Tincture
● Fertility Doula
● Prenatal and Infant Loss Advocate
Congratulations  on this amazing journey! I'm honored to be here to help you and your family…